Sunday, July 24, 2016

God has a better plan for you.

   Once upon a time there was a warrior who dreamed of ruling the whole world. He had already occupied most of the territories during his struggle but before he could conquer the last and the liveliest place in his way he experienced something unexpected.
   The night before he was destined to attack the last state, he met the angel of death. His time was over, the angel acknowledged him. The warrior got upset. 'His dream would remain unrealized' he thought. So he pleaded the angel to leave him alive for one day so that his name could be engraved, as a conqueror of the world, forever.
   The angel proposed him a deal. "Either you accept your death now or never;" the angel declared. The warrior drenched in his pride, accepted the deal.
   The next day the warrior with his army marched to that last state left to be conquered just to witness a population standing there in his way - unarmed - ready to defend there homeland with their lives. The warrior was surprised to see this state of patriotism by mere men and women. He warned them of fatal consequences in case they resisted from subjugation. But still nobody moved an inch backward. They declared that they will not let anyone rule their homeland, such as him. “Man like you knows nothing about Love and you have lost your mind in the abyss of power. And no one with such traits will be allowed to rule our lives as we are the people knowing the importance of peace and love.” They announced.
   The warrior didn't heed to their words and warned them for the last time. Just about then a man appeared from among the people and proposed him an option. He said, "We will let you rule us but not before you come to live with us for three days. And after that nobody will be a resistance in your way." The warrior agreed at once.
   The place was beautiful and so were the hearts of the people living there. After living there for 3 days the warrior had a complete transformation. In those three days He realized the importance of love and peace for the heart of a man. And so he dismissed his decision of ruling this place and wanted to live here among these people in midst of the beauty of nature that he understood just then.
   Before he could live there for a month he urged to leave this place. His redemption of his unjustly thought actions was done. And there was nothing else he could lose; so he decided to leave this place. 'My heart is a warrior and there is much difference between the heart of a Warrior and the heart of a Lover.' he thought.
   He left the place and went to a far away mountain to live - alone. He lived there for hundreds of years and the angel of death didn't appear ever. And he realized the mistake he did years ago when the angel had come to take his life. When he faced the utter loneliness he would regret it. And at that very time he understood that GOD has the best plane for His men.
   Now that years passed away whenever he evoked the past he learnt that the man who proposed him to live with them for 3 days, he was the same angel of death he met during the night. Though he is immortal but he also didn't had the lust to live. And at that very time he understood the very basic thing about life and death:
   Death is as essential for life as living it.We are born with an ambition because God wants it. He is the greatest planner. We are born to live life and we die because it is the greater plan of God. The world changes with every second. When we are born we start learning new things everyday. And there we realize, in our life towards death, that once our quest is done we have to return to our GOD. And that's what compelled the warrior to regret upon his mistake. He had conquered many territories but now the world has changed. And this changed world is no more livable for an old man like him. He is old now - indeed very old.His legacy is there in the books but that's all that he wasn't concerned with. He didn't had new challenges. He has been through all the challenges he was destined to face. And now he wanted to die. And now ,that mistake he committed years ago, engulfed him everyday. Even today he could remember one thing that the angel disguised as man, said to him during his stay of 3 days: “If a man happens to find strength that’s beyond his control, then one day he will harm his own self.”
(The Fallen Apple ~ Aamir Khan Khattak)

Saturday, July 9, 2016


"Zamana bra hai. Aur aaj kal k log bhut brey aur khudgharz hain".

      This is that very principle we embrace everyday with our morning tea - before going out of home to face the world. And there is no good in arguing with someone over this fact; or may it be a fiction or misinterpretation of our daily life experiences with other people. (And by the way i personally feel that its merely an assumption because of the lack of the right "self perception' of ours. And, by the way, this very term i used, 'self perception', i read it for the first time in a Business Communication book about a month ago - for the first time in my whole academic career of about 16 years.). You might be thinking why i mentioned about Business communication book. Like many other hints i will give you in this blog this is the first of them (because i cannot write all the things inside me in one blog so i will be giving hints about them.) and the hint behind it is that, if we are taught about Business Communication only once is a 16 years of academic course then when we will be taught about the Social Communication with all the details our religious and cultural history left for us.

      "No one cares for the animals on the roads when one is riding or driving a bike or a car respectively. They don't even bother to slow down the speed when they see a dog on the road.", after saying these words to my mother who was with me in the car and we both saw how the man ahead of us didn't bother to save a dog, from his speeding car, which was in the middle of the road, i uttered some words that made me write this blog today. My words were:

"Yeh log tou ek kuttey ko ni bacha sktey tou ek insan ko kesey bachaingey!". 

      I am half embarrassed and half angry over humans of Pakistan. And more than at our people I am angry at our rulers. And that's how the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi affected me. And I was all in disgust after hearing the news of this great man's death. He was ill since a long time and i heard on TV that he had been very upset after that robbery incident that occurred about, 2 years ago if i am not wrong.

      The first two paragraphs are greatly linked to each other even if it doesn't seem so. Some might say that humans are more important but animals are not, and hence my proverb is wrong. I should have said, "Ye log tou ek insan ko ni bacha sktey tou ek kuttey ko kesey bachaingey!". 
      The time we are living through says that no one is trust worthy - but having said that - it doesn't declare that time is so bad that even the dogs should be crushed under the vehicles. Time has changed humans but it didn't change the animals. We find it easy to have a dog than to have a watchman at our house.
"Kia aj ka insan itna gir gya hai?"
      Now whoever reads this I have this above question for him/her. And would love to be helped in understanding this mystery we are watching with our eyes that some days ago appeared in the form of Amjad Sabri. And now it appeared in the form of Edhi, who had been the greatest of all the philanthropists but still lived a simple life and yet he was threatened by the political parties. And i would like to ask a question for our Media as well;  
      It was a great day when Edhi was born. But Today when that man died, all of you so actively produced the coverage of this incident that I felt confused. Is today the great day now that Edhi is not alive anymore.
      "Zamana bura nhi hai janab. Hamarey dil murda ho gaey hain."
      If we were good and yet other's weren't fair to us then at least we couldn't have the dare to see a dog die in the middle of the road after being hit with our car. But even if that was an accident we could have stopped the car and should have gotten off the car to see that innocent creature. But we didn't. I too could have said that Edhi died of a natural cause. But I didn't and you might call me a pessimist for that. But then i will call you numb and senseless. It wont be long when we will forget about all these mysteries that doesn't make a sense to me because i have read iqbal who once said:

Kabhi ae nojawan muslim tadabbur bhi kia tune     Woh kia gerun tha tou jiska hai ek tota hua tara

 Janab Sitara bhut bara hota hai. Agr uska ek chota sa tukra bhi zameen pr gir jay tou yahan ki zameen k daweydaaron ko bhi hila kr rkh dey.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

We are the Artists of our lives

      Everything starts with 'Faith'. Even a painting, when an artist decides to create a new piece of painting.
      With the knowledge of our own selves we aspire to see Him, to know Him, and to simply love Him; and eventually be His lover, for the sake of Love, and finally know what is the thirst of Ishq e Haqeeqi (the divine Love). Similar to the one who didn't see the water, ever, and when he drinks water for the first time, only then, he realizes how great his thirst was.
      We are simply artists of our lives. And 'Life' is a painting with two faces. One face of it is hidden from us and the other one is the one we see everyday. He has given us everything we need to paint our lives on this divine canvas. And the other side of the painting that's hidden from us is the one He has painted for us. Among His many names there is one called Al-Musawwir-the one who shapes everything- in the greatest way. Of course we cannot see it; nor can any fortuneteller reveal it to us. But we do aspire for it, and greatly. So there are two paintings on the same canvas on each side of it.
      We all are obliged to paint on it with the strokes of the brush of patience and the color of submission to His Will. For an ignorant the divine side of the painting, the one hidden from us, varies drastically from the visible one; because he chooses greed over submission.
      The contentment is the possibility of the two sides in coherence with each other. And this very thing is the aim of a true Sufi.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

If Army Sacrifice.

      Things are going towards their ultimate climax in Pakistan politics. And they must because force is guiding it. On one hand there is the man who was more blunt in his actions than his words. And was able to apparently lift up the crisis situation in the country to some extent. And for all his actions some critics would rather like to call him Musharraf and not Retired General Pervaiz Musharraf and also the former president of Pakistan. On the other hand there is the man who has spent years in exile and yet was unable to realize the importance of an Army for the country. Nawaz Sharif seems to be more at peace with the decision of bringing an Ex Army General to the trial of the courts who are so keen to forget their own mistakes of past.
      Similar things happened in past. All of them were reminded to the nation this time. Army took a leader down and a leader is going to take a General down this time. Or may I say that the Army is giving a sacrifice? If such thing happens it should not be considered an act of courage. Its an act of sacrifice. And it will be remembered in the future when things further disclose. Hopefully it will give us one another chance to learn because we are so addicted to learning the hard way. May the sacrifice give us yet another blow to wake up and see the forces that can snatch our sovereignty as a nation.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Importance and reality of every tiny act.

      I often think about the reality of human being. The reality of human soul. At these moments a question arises, and that is a basic one; Is our soul 'virtuous' in its purest form? Are we born innocent or born bad or rather both? And if any is true then GOD must at all cost is aware of our ultimate end because he has clearly laid his principles for the people who inhabit the earth. And nothing can disobey His commands. And GOD being just and the most wise ought to know what we want and need and what we should avoid at any instant. And when GOD knows the future then He also knows which one of us are condemned and who are going to be the blessed ones. But this is rather unfair. If GOD knows everything then He must tell us if He is really a one generous Lord, so that we would avoid being condemned for our whole lives for a single sin and thus making us an evil.

      We are the highest creation of GOD because we are granted a free will. And with this free will we shape our existence. The moment GOD asked the angels to bow in front of His creature, everyone followed but Iblees didn't. And having a free will Iblees decided to walk the path of rebellion. And that particular moment shaped his entire existence. GOD would never want us to be condemned to a dark fate and He do want us to be blessed with his Rhemat (kindness). We are above all the highest creation because we have our own free will. And thus it is possible a hundred times that we might not see the great path he has laid for us and contrarily commit a mistake or a sin. But he above all is generous and the most wise. So He didn't made us innocent neither He made us evil but He gave us a free will. And taught us to willingly seek forgiveness a thousand times for a single mistake or a single sin.
      We are nor innocent neither we are evil but we are ignorant; for He knows of all the knowledge of the universe and we are just insignificant ignorant in front of him. He knew that, being ignorant, we will make mistakes somewhere in our lives. So He gave us a free will to turn around at any point and seek His forgiveness so that no one would be condemned to the dark fate forever. And having known that the will is ours then no blame remains on Almighty GOD that he made us innocent or evil int he first place. But we are alone the artists of our lives. We shape our existence with our own will. Every act of our's constitute the whole day every day constitute the years of our life. Every act of ours shapes our whole life. And every good act of ours makes us an angel and every bad act of ours makes us an evil. The choice to become either of the two is in our hands.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dogs and our Rulers.

      There is place near my market, inhabited by few dogs. One day a shepherd with his only goat happened to come there in order to let his goat graze awhile in the area. Seeing the goat in their area all of the dogs started barking at the goat. They kept barking at the goat until it had grazed and left the place, but the goat seemed least afraid of the group of dogs while it enjoyed her time there. And neither those dogs did anything more then just to bark at it- no bite, nothing like that at all. They just kept barking at it, just kept barking.
      Animal have enough instincts that they can tell from their enemy to their friends; and dogs, specially, are such evolved creature that they are faithful to their masters too. So obviously GOD gave them some higher level of instincts. I infer that their act of barking was to send the goat away from their place. Because they were conscious enough to know that its possible that the new creature can do away with their place. In order not to become homeless they kept barking, trying to frighten the goat.
      We humans are the same. We don't want to bear any threat to the place which we inhabit. Whether its own town, our village or our country. But, as we see, our rulers have no such instincts. They appear to have lost this instinct which even the dogs retains. Pity on our rulers. They can't even bark at the state enemy, when the enemy attacks, like the dogs do.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who is more deprived that the other; Men or Women.

      There was a town; where every Sunday people used to gather in the square in the afternoon and talked about the issues which would effect there social life. Often when they gathered to talk and debate over the selected issue, they would find a solution for it and thus were very satisfied in improving there daily social life through this custom.
      One day as the men and the women gathered in the square the sun shone for its last hour. The women sat on one side and all the men on the other side of the square. The chief of the village Stood and declared the day's topic."Lets argue and find who is the more deprived one; men or the women?" Hearing the topic, the whole crowd started murmuring and whispering among themselves. As if someone has let the reins of their unheard mourns. The chief allowed the women to start the discussion.
      "We women are the more deprived one. Our whole life is spent beside our men. Everyday from morning to the night we keep thinking about our men and his family. We do our best to make him comfortable in his house. And stand by them our whole life. Our acts are solely are to serve him. Still if we demand more from them then its seen as uncultured and out of customs. The love we receive in return is not enough. We are actually the deprived one. And the men owe us more than what they give us."
      The women paused, and then the chief asked the men to speak.
      "We men spend all our day working and earning livelihood. We do our best to raise our children. We do everything we can to keep our wives happy. And we never complain of anything. And it is our strength and manliness that keeps us strong enough to not to ask from our wives. But in fact we live for our women and try our best at work. We never care if its winter or summer, we work everyday throughout the year. But in fact in the shade of our strength we hide our deprived souls. We are devoted to our families and this devotion confronts us with deprivation. We are the deprived one but our manliness doesn't allow us to utter a word of destitution." the one of the men concluded.
      Then a women stood up to reply for the argument. And One after the other men and women stood up and presented their arguments in front of the other. Each group argued to express that they are more deprived than the other and that they deserve better. Arguments went on till the sun declined and the people went back to their homes without a conclusion.
      Next day the chief summoned them again and they talked about the same thing. But in vain, again they couldn't conclude anything and the gathering dismissed with no conclusion. Since the matter seemed to be really serious and the chief was hoping to get something out of this issue, so that he would declare some laws and customs in order to  harnessed the men and women mutual deprivation in a better way, he continued the same topic on the third day as well. But again they could get no conclusion out of it. The issue was becoming more and more complicated as they discussed it again and again each day.
      The next day when they had started the discussion a mendicant has come and sat in a corner away from the others. The discussion started and in the same way each group tried to prove itself more deprived than the others. And the mendicant watched them with some concern.
      When the same trend of arguments started the mendicant gestured the chief to call him. When the chief came near he told him to say to the crowd "the love is the act of selflessness; teach them about love.".
      The chief did as asked to watched the whole crowd go silent. And no one stood to argue anymore.